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  • 7tWvNVhytbo Osoba: Josef Dvořák

    Hi Scrumptious!!!There is a God! The sugatits are out in all there glory! My preryas have been answered (eventually)!!! Thank you,Thank you,Thank you! Have to take deep breaths now to get my heart back to a normal beat! Here's hoping theres more to come! Is there a vid of the blue pole piccies? I'm sure I could watch it without my jaw hitting the floor!Luvvin your work babe! xoxoxo!!!

  • EA1AydGIu7 Osoba: Lubomír Hakl

    Lori just saw the new pics wow!!!! thats both been on view now. Just waiting to see if u will show the rest!!! cant wait to find out. Just as well I didnt spell the word borefe wait wrongly, it would have given a clue as to what I was hoping u would show us. speak to u soon lol Bobxxxx

  • xlVXfeaMjM Osoba: Libor Vlček

    Hey sexy girl, well have just looked at the most recnet sets of pics and WOW, I am loving them all. Especially the recnet set. Lori the pole dancer is amazingly hot. You look amazing!!The tartan skirt pics definetly show a good side of you as well!! Glad to see that skirt make an apperance again. Wow so you have been going to the gym and dance class I tend to start going to the gym for about a month then get bored and stop for a few months. That seems to happen over and over again!! Hope you enjoyed the boat race yesterday. I'm off now to go and get some food. Catch you later honey.Scott xxx